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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Avishai Cohen Trio Live in Tokyo

Being a Jazz musician myself and owning over 2000 jazz albums, I often forget about the obvious gems I've picked up, like the album Continuo....I was thinking about this tune the other day and decided to dig out the album and search for Avishai clips on Youtube.  I can't stop watching this. The balls out quality of this groove and playing of the band members has me completely entranced and inspired. These guys are in a zone and on a level one can only imagine. The more I watch and listen to it, the better it feels.
Avishai Cohen is as great a musician as Stanley Clarke, Eddie Gomez or other bassists that you could mention, but he is also a very mature composer - far beyond Stanley Clarke, for example, on this level. I find Avishai Cohen 'scary' because his music is so relentlessly passionate - the rhythmic syncopation and odd time signatures leave me feeling like I'm always sitting on the edge of my seat, or on the edge of a cliff, marvelling at the beautiful scenery of the ocean crashing on the rocks below at the same time I feel worried about falling. Perhaps it is a bit like Sufi music or Gnawa music because it has that hypnotic effect.

This music is a bit like the moth and the flame. 

Avishai Cohen Trio Live will leave you laughing to your self for days later at just how in the groove they gets ya.



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