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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Toranomon-Roppongi Building

Toranomon-Roppongi Area

Vertical Garden City

Construction is currently underway for the Vertical Garden City redevelopment of a large slice of central Tokyo close to ARK Hills. Working in concert with local residents, Mori Building will transform these areas into safer, more comfortable and greener places to live.

About the Project

This redevelopment project covers approximately 2.0 hectares of land located extremely close to Kamiyacho Station on the Tokyo Subway Hibiya Line and Roppongi 1-chome Station on the Namboku Line.

Many embassies and hotels are located nearby, making it an area with a strong international flavor, and it is being developed through category 1 urban redevelopment projects such as ARK Hills, Izumi Garden, etc. Moreover the "Loop Road No. 2, vicinity of Shimbashi, Akasaka, and Roppongi" area, which includes the site of this development, has been designated an urgent urban renewal area.

Based on the concept of "a life surrounded by nature in the heart of the city," we are aiming to build an appealing urban area that is very cosmopolitan and has abundant culture. It will combine residential, retail, and business functions to a high standard. The development will be in harmony with other developments in the vicinity, ensure reasonable and sound land use, improve disaster prevention capability, and advance the development of the city infrastructure.

Development of public facilities is to include widening of the ward road on the western side of the site by 12 meters from the opposite bank, and the building of two new ward roads, 9 meters and 6 meters wide, around the perimeter of the site. We will also develop public spaces inside the site itself, an approximately 3,000m2 space on the west side and an approximately 1,000m2 space on the south side, and develop new pedestrian walkways and green areas. There is a height difference of approximately 10 meters between the existing residential areas on the west side and east side of the development site, but this project will help to improve the convenience of the area by installing escalators and elevators in the walkways.

Overview of Plan

Location Roppongi 1-chome and Toranomon 5-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Size of site (C-1 Area) Approximately 15,370m2
(C-2 Area) Approximately 510m2
Total floor area Approximately 143,720m2
Floors Mixed-use tower: Above ground: 47 / Basement levels: 4
Residential building: Above ground: 6 / Basement levels: 2
Major uses Offices, shops, residences
Construction to be started Autumn 2009
Construction to be completed 2012

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