Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Documentary KYMATICA !

There are some things that come your way, and change your Life forever. KYMATICA, by Benjamin & Daniel Stewart, is one of them. And Honestly, I’m not exaggerating. Its not life-altering because it has a character that matches your personality or the protagonist has gone through the same life-shit that you have gone through, it changes your perspective, and that’s how it changes your life.

Kymatica is the most profound and insightful piece of art to explore the root cause of all corruption, deceit, evil, and war in our world since the dawn of man.  This film exposes the most esoteric and suppressed information about our history, anatomy, and spirituality.  Beginning with the creation of our planet, to how our earth gave life to all its inhabitants, Kymatica takes you step by step through the close relationship we have with our mother earth, and how a psychological disease has turned man against nature.

So, what is ‘KYMATICA’? To that, I must give you the same answer Morpheus gave to Neo, on being asked what the Matrix was,you can’t be told what KYMATICA is, you have to see it for yourself.Literally, “Kyma” means “Waves” in greek & Kymatica means “pertaining to waves”If you happen to be a pseudo-intellectual, I needn’t tell you that “Waves” is a metaphor for consistent evolution here. 
You probably know better. (pun intended)By the time you’re done watching this one & a half hour documentary, you’ll be baffled, yet strangely at peace, because that is the essence of this marvelous piece of work. The crappy editing wont bother you as the Plot is enough to steel your mind. 

KYMATICA talks about Human & Universal Consciousness & the correlation between all of it. It tells you how the Earth is an Organism in itself, and how the Universe is one too. Among other topics that’ll blow your mind, it talks about the Suppression of Human intent, and the gradual steps that have made us into a global society that lives in stress & fear. The Age of Fear, as our time has been called, is a fruit of our irresponsibility towards facing any insight, any reflection into our own selves. That’s the reason our society is in a constant state of competition instead of cooperation.

My words won’t certainly do any more justice to this documentary anymore, so go on & watch it for yourself.

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