Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Krugman "Knocked out of Neoclassical Orbit" by Super Hero Aussie Steve Keen's Meteoric Rise!

I never thought in my life that Russia would have the most honest and objective TV news. 

The RT presenter Lauren Lyster is superb, Before joining RT, Lauren was a reporter for Time Warner Cable News where she investigated miscarriages of the criminal justice system focusing on wrongful murder convictions.

She has a background in finance to RT, having worked previously as a senior equity research analyst covering publicly traded US and European companies. she's smart, informed, and attractive. Good on her.

Economics has been TRYING to prove it is a science for it embraced equations and algorythms -- it totally blows the human factor - we live in a human world no?! the day human emotions can be forecasted with formulas......blah blah blah.

Not only that -- but it is dominated by the most linear, male-brained dorks ever isolated into one "profession".

Krugmans is proven wrong time and time again but rather than admit it he always creates some lame excuse such as it was not tried long enough, it was done for too long, the size of it was too small, the size was too big, etc. Krugman is not aware of ever having been mistaken, He always claims that his directions simply were not followed closely enough. 

Finally, There is NO Nobel Prize for Economics? WTF? 

Strip this Kurdeman of his bullshit award. 

Aussie Steve Keen Is a Super Hero! Check him out,

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