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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Plans for a new Yamanote Line station was announced this year. in 2012

Plans for a new Yamanote Line station was announced this year. in 2012

East Japan Railway Co. may build the first new station on the Yamanote Line since 1971, adding the site would be between Shinagawa and Tamachi stations.
JR East is looking to start building the 30th station on the Tokyo commuter loop line in fiscal 2014 as part of its redevelopment of 50 to 75 percent of a 20-hectare rail yard located between the two stations in Minato Ward, the sources said.

The story below (Heading above) in the Japan Times highlights the application for a real estate buying strategy in Tokyo. The East Japan Railway Co is building a new railway station between Shinagawa and Tamachi stations.

Sites to look at are in areas where subways might be extended or new stations added. a principle guiding decision will be:
1. Local minimum population density - look at neighbouring areas
2. Distance between train stations - look for anomalies
3. Explanation for anomalies - why is there no station there? Topographic anomaly so no settlement; perhaps a park, etc.
4. Growing population density - historical evidence that the area is growing in population. High rise developments, new stores like HokkaHokkaTai-obento shops or Mackers,etc are good signs to keep an eye out for, take a look at Japan's very good population statistics. They offer monthly changes in demographics.

5. Space for growth - stations need to be supported by near-station development. It is harder to develop a station if the railway company cannot build some type of shopping precinct to service it.

Buying mortgagee bank owned property to 'hold' as a rental property to profit from anticipated future development. After a proposed new station is announced, you could expect property prices (Cap Gains) do very well.

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