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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

'Putin’s Syria role deserving of Nobel Peace Prize'

"God created us all equal".
 -'Vladamir Putin, Russian President to the US President, on why not to unilaterally bomb a sovereign nation.

President Putin should get the Nobel Peace Prize for his moves to resolve the Syrian crisis, according to a group of Russian activists and political scientists who have indicated that they are officially proposing the president’s nomination.
Alfred Nobel setup the peace prize after inventing TNT. He was disgusted how his invention was being used to kill. So, I certainly think the prize has a valuable background. Unfortunately, awarding it to the US president Obama has turned this into a mockery. People who kill innocent civilians are now apparently peace-lovers. I simply don't get it.
President Putin however should get the Nobel Peace Prize for his courageous efforts in coming up with a solution to the Syrian crisis, Putin's negotiations where genius. This man loves Russia and the Russian people. He will take good care of his people and his country. He is the kind of leader American's dream of. He is a man of his word. He is a genius. Russia, you are lucky to have him for your leader.
Secondly, Awarding the President of the Federation Putin the Nobel prize could be the only thing that brings back any credibility to the award, that's just a fact, i think foreign minister Lavrov needs to be on the hook for a nomination also.

In Russia, Putin wrestle black bear into submission while bare chested.
In USSA, bear skin rug wrestle Obama into submission after 1/2 a beer.

Putin V's Obam.

If aliens landed tomorrow, who would you prefer to be humanity's representative?

Vlad is stepping into this vacuum of political credibility created by the Western "Demon-ocracies" and by god, he's making it work.

"Authored by Vladimir Putin"

Go Vlad! The KGB appears to be winning.

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