Friday, June 6, 2014

Marine Le Pen: EU will collapse like the Soviet Union

 Marine Le Pen "The interests of France lay in a deepening relationship with Russia and taking back Frances sovereignty"  She can lead France out of the EU zone.  She has the sovereign people of France behind her to take back the reins of their sovereignty , re-establish their national identities and usher in their own foreign policies that benefit their own countries and not the EU.
Let's not forget that the lofty purposes the EU originally set for itself included: to give Europeans the convenience of one currency, to enhance mutual prosperity, and to reduce political tensions after centuries of animosity and war. However the inconvenience of not being able to print your own money or set your own interest rates across massively disparate economies would seem to have been overlooked. Hence negating the second two ideals or even making the situation worse, due to the inertia, bureaucracy and cost of such a monstrous dystopian failure.
Nationalism is the future, even the left know this hence their hysteria at the mere mention of European countries regaining their sovereignty.

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