Friday, June 6, 2014

NWO MATRIX: Skynet, CIA Heroin & Death of Money

The MATRIX is a great metaphor for whats coming.. a Mind expanding discussion with some extremely alert brains with regards to what is really going on in our World right now... tune in, check it out and learn something! This is PART 2 of a recent interview with Jeff Nielson of Bullion Bulls Canada. In the second half of our one hour interview we discuss the Bankster’s NWO total control matrix of evil. We cover the Pentagon’s plans for AI autonomous robots and Skynet, the new OPIUM WAR against the citizens of the United States, Russia’s new 9/11 revelations, and whether establishment mouthpiece Jim Rickards is merely giving people fair warning about the ‘Death of Money’, or serving masters with a more sinister agenda. Thanks for tuning in and offering your thoughts in the comments below.

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