Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The HKD is about to bounce like a frickin' SUPERBALL .

The HKD is about to bounce like a frickin' SUPERBALL .
Wealth by shitstorm default.. here is my guide on "How to cleanup in the upcoming global shit storm event."
Dump all cash savings into HKD into a Gov. Backed Tax free HK account.
The HKD is pegged to the USD, the night before the USD fails your HKD's will be tied to CNY. Enjoy as the HKD bounces like a fricken SUPERBALL!
This way you ENJOY 'wealth by default SHTF event' as long as the game is played.
What we do know is 'reserve currency' is 40 year life average, the USA is already on 40, from the last 'reset' by Nixon in 1970's.
So the USA is already in ZOMBIE,... its' going to go down, but sadly it will keep going up until down,... ONLY A LIAR and a FOOL CAN TELL YOU WHEN.
Thus that's why HKD pegged to USD is smartest, the CHINESE who are paying the best minds on the planet to WATCH this shit will decouple the HKD from USD when they're ready to pull the life support.
This way you have the CHINESE 'jews' taking care of your money, and when they're ready to kill the USD the night before your HKD becomes CNY.
'bitcoin' crypto's where supposed to solve this. However bitcoin is NSA, GOOGLE is GUBMINT, ...
We NEO-LUDDITES, ... are not anti tech. butt rather anti GUBMINT, not technology.
Today it very smart, one can travel the world like a pauper and carry not a thing, not even a credit card,
Yet one can go online, and have money transferred to a new account where ever one may go,...or simply rip it out via a hole in the wall via an ATM machine geographically agnostic.
The problem with GOLD is they will find it and take it. Same for goes for carrying CURRENCY.
Honestly, if you can find the means of doing so (the info will be available on any decent forex site), there will be a significant spike in trading volumes which will be insider money pouring into the HKD. This will quite likely indicate the imminent decoupling/de-pegging from the USD. It might be tomorrow, or it might be in the next 3 months, who knows? The indicators will be quite obvious.
Go BIG! and Best of luck to ya'll...