Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Aja" Steely Dan 1977 LP

"Aja" was the first album for me that offered an optimistic feel about being alive. Not many albums have influenced us as much as "Aja." Fagen and Becker created a most unique flavor of Jazz, beautiful melodies, genius production and perfect performance blend to produce a masterpiece. 

‎"I cried when I wrote this song, sue me if I play too long" This infamous lyric, out of Deacon Blues, typifies the Aja project. Having already achieved everything they wanted to accomplish in the public eye, The Dan started writing the music that was in their hearts. This was the beginning of a new era for Donald Fagan.

Simply one of the best albums ever. I've had the album since I was a kid and I never get tired of the music. Fusion jazz at it's finest. Thanks Donald Fagan. You to Walter B!!

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